"The Magic Within". Art show. DC.

Town scene for a PBS KIDS game in progress…

I’ve got a new print on sale at inprnt.com called “The Shy One & The Not-so-shy One”. It’s perfect for you, if you are into girls and yellow and turquoise.

PROCESS: Illustrating ‘Masters of the Universe’ Bad Guys from Pencil Sketches to Vector Art

Over on Instagram, I’ve been documenting my illustration process while drawing Skeletor, Merman and other He-man villains from my childhood. Here is the final piece!


I thought it might be fun to collect the in-progress images here and explain…



STEP 1 (SKETCH): I always start with a pencil sketch. I rarely draw directly in Adobe Illustrator. This allows me to stay loose and experiment before I lay down the vectors. Of course, things might still change when in Illustrator.


STEP 2 (VECTORS): I photograph the sketch with my phone and email it to myself. Who needs a scanner! Occasionally, I will composite a final sketch together in Photoshop if I want to combine elements from a few ideas. Next, I paste the pencil sketch into Illustrator and mark it as a template in the layer options. Then I draw over it on a new layer with just black lines.


STEP 3 (COLORS & TWEAKING): Next, I change the black lines to colored shapes and add the small details that weren’t in the sketch but I knew I would add in Illustrator - like Beast Man’s beer can.

Once I’ve finished, if I’m not happy with the illustration, I’ll change things around. For example, I changed Tri-Klops’ mouth, chin, body proportions and so on quite a bit in the final piece.

Here are the rest of the in-progress views of the characters…






Finally, here’s a super-speed video of me drawing Evil-Lyn…

If you are interested, you can purchase a print of the Masters of the Universe piece at: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/bishop/.


I’ll be showing some new work at a show in DC. Opening is Saturday night. More info at holeintheskydc.com

Robot Town: A comic strip from 2007

I just found this comic strip I was working on in 2007. Not bad. I LOLed at a few.

Two art shows in DC!


Hole in the Sky. March 30th. 7pm - 11pm.

I will be joining the dudes at Hole in the Sky as they open their studio space for an evening of art appreciation and creative cross-pollination. 

More info here.


Countdown to Yuri’s Night 2013: The Year of the Robot. April 13th. 8pm - ???.

The sixth annual Countdown to Yuri’s Night (C2YN)—featuring an exhibition of interchangeable robot paintings; burlesque show with Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey, Mr. Gorgeous, Candy Del Rio, The Reverend Valentine, Fannie Spankings, and Kittie Glitter; music from the bands Dance for the Dying and Atomic Mosquitos; and much more—will celebrate the anniversary of the Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s space flight with robot flare. 

More info here.

This is your last chance to own an historic “Obama Riding a Unicorn” t-shirt designed by Washington DC-based artist and adventurer Chris Bishop! Supplies are extremely limited! Get one at chrisbishop.bigcartel.com.

Art Show: Chris Bishop vs Emily Liddle opening Friday Nov 2nd!

Vote for your favorite candidate: Chris Bishop or Emily Green Liddle

Hey everyone! I’ve got a show coming up with my very good friend Emily Green Liddle at The Dunes in Washington, DC!

OPENING: Friday, November 2, 2012

7:00pm until 10:00pm

The Dunes, 1402 Meridian Place NW, Washington DC

Vote for your favorite candidate
Emily Greene Liddle or Chris Bishop? You decide!
Also on the ballot, “which painting and why”.

Exhibition Opens Friday 11/2 & lasts through November
Donate your time giving detailed feedback on the art,
and enter a chance to win “Whiskey with the Winner”!

Vote like your life depends on it.

Check out the infographic I did for Julia Child’s 100th birthday! http://www.pbs.org/food/features/12-julia-child-facts-on-her-100th-birthday/